Chosen by God

Anita and I had been married for twenty years and had settled in rather nicely with just us two. We had talked about having children over the years but never tried to conceive. I’m sure subconsciously we were happy with the liberty of having the freedom to go and do as we pleased. God had other plans. We were pastoring and living in Richmond Hill Ga, a suburb of Savannah Ga, when we were presented with the opportunity to adopt a baby that was just days away from being born. 

The birth mother did not know if she was carrying a boy or a girl. As Anita and I prayed, Holy Spirit told me that the child’s name was to be Nathaniel. I told Anita that the baby was going to be a boy and his name was to be Nathaniel. Holy Spirit instructed me to go to my church office and get my book called “Who’s who in the Bible” and look up the name Nathaniel. I did and his name means “Gift of God”, God has given.” We called the birth mother’s family and told them we would adopt Nathaniel. This was on a Tuesday, he was born that same week on Sunday, and we had him home the following Tuesday. 

One day shortly after Nathaniel was born, I was out mowing my lawn thanking the Lord for such an awesome gift as our son. The Lord spoke to me and said, “My earthly father was an adoptive father too.” He said, “Joseph had a choice and choose wisely.” I had never thought about that before. Almost six years later we adopted our daughter Abigail. We got her when she was 4 days old. Her birth mother had named her Nadine and of course we changed her name to Abagail. We are big on names and what they mean because they are prophetic in nature as to what destiny the child will walk out on the earth. We looked up the name Nadine and it means “hope.” If you only knew the details of her conception and her birth, you would understand why God declared hope over her life! What’s amazing is that Nadine is the feminine name for Nathaniel. We knew this was just a confirmation from the Lord that she was to be a part of our family. Abagail means “My father is joy or fathers joy.” Nathaniel and Abagail are both living up to their names. 

I know this blog is personal, but God wanted me to share this because someone needs to hear this and understand that God chose you, named you, and called you as His own. You are not a mistake or an afterthought. God reminded me that our two children came through two different birth mothers, but they came from God with our names as their parents on their birth certificates. In eternity God chose them to be in our family and likewise in eternity He chose you to be in His family. 

Ephesians 1:5 (AMPC) For He foreordained us (destined us, planned in love for us) to be adopted (revealed) as His own children through Jesus Christ, in accordance with the purpose of His will (because it pleased Him and was His kind intent). 

Never forget that in love God planned and chose you to be adopted as His own son or daughter even before you knew Him as Father. He would tell you today, Welcome to the family!”

6 thoughts on “Chosen by God”

  1. Billy, this is so sweet, and I’m sure it will encourage other adoptive parents. I never realized how God even names us. How personal He is with his children. Thank you for such an inspiring word concerning our earthly destiny!!!

  2. What a beautiful account of your care and love for your children. It’s amazing to know God’s love goes even deeper, even though we come empty handed.

  3. Reading this blog reminded me how Blessed I was to have been there during that time. I remember the blanket I had made with his name on it. The name that God had given him. How loving our Heavenly Father is to care what our name is. I never liked my name, but now, I look at it through different eyes. God knew me before my parents ever met, and knew my name would be Martha. God has been so Good and Faithful to you and Anita. I just believe ya’ll are his Favorite….

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