Faith to see again

Look according to (Oxford Language Dictionary) means to direct one’s gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction. The spiritual meaning of seeing is to have understanding and faith in what God shows you that can only come from His Spirit and His Word. Proverbs 4:25 (AMPC) says “Let your eyes look right on (with fixed purpose) and let your gaze be straight before you. In this scripture the word right on means to look away from and look to or look in the opposite direction. 

In the gospel of Mark chapter 8…… beginning in verse 22, we find Jesus comes to a city called Bethsaida. There a blind man is brought to Him in hopes that He would heal him. Jesus takes him by the hand and leads him out of the town. He then spits on his eyes and puts His hands upon him. Jesus then asks him, “Do you see anything?” The blind man looked up and said, “I see men and they look like trees walking”. Then Jesus puts His hands on His eyes again and made him look up, and the bible said he was restored and saw every man clearly. 

This story is telling us that all of us at one time or another have dealt with blindness in our lives. Maybe not physically, but spiritually, and in the soulish realm which is (our mind, our will, our emotions our intellect). This blind mans encounter with Jesus shows us that there are some things that we are blind to that nobody can help us to see except Jesus. So was the case of this man. The people brought him to Jesus and basically said “We can’t help him, can you?” At this point the blind man had to trust Jesus because Jesus took him by the hand and lead him out of town. Like this man, when we put our hand in the hand of Jesus, we must trust and put our faith in Him. 

In trusting Him, we must trust His methodology of dealing with where we are blind. His ways are not our ways. I’m sure the man did not expect Jesus to spit on His eyes, yet He did. The next thing the man felt was Jesus’ hands on his eyes. They begin to open, yet he still lacked clarity and understanding of what he was seeing. He saw men as trees walking. Jesus touched him the second time and he saw clearly. Know today that the Lord will not stop touching you where you need to see clearly until you see what He wants you to see. This man was totally restored because he put his faith and trust in Jesus. Then Jesus gave him an instruction not to go back into the town where He led him out. He was telling him like he is telling us today, don’t go back to the place where I walked you out. That’s your past, not your future. 

Everything changes today! Jesus told him not to tell anybody there in that town what happened to him. If we are not discerning, people can talk us out of what the Lord has opened our eyes to see. Jesus sent this man home with his eyes wide open to life’s possibilities. Trust God for what you cannot see right now, and the power of your faith will open your eyes so that you can see again!


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