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Become an Ordained Minister through William Dillon Ministries today.

As an Ordained Minister you will be authorized to:


Legally perform Wedding Ceremonies in all 50 states. Some states may require registration.

Earn the respect as a member of the Clergy.

Perform Baptisms and Blessings.

Qualify for tax free status as a religious order.

Establish a church.

Conduct religious ceremonies and rites as a legally licensed member of Clergy.

Bring hope and faith to those in prison.


William Dillon Ministries offers Ordination to anyone who is involved in ministry at any level, whether you are in full time ministry or bivocational. If you pray and feel led to come into covenant with this ministry through Ordination you will need to fill out the required Ordination application forms and take the required classes along with paying the Ordination fees. There will be a designated consecration service where you will receive your Ordination Certificate.

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